What are the differences between types of wheat flour
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What are the differences between types of wheat flour

Today, flour products are prepared from different types of wheat flour. This is due to its various properties. And only experienced people know what is the difference between them and what kind of variety to use for a certain dish.

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History of torment

Grinding of grain in the old days was done with the help of stone mills.

In them, the resulting flour was coarse and dark, and the grinding itself was coarse. Baked goods made from this type of flour did not differ in particular splendor and attractive appearance. It had a coarse taste, a porous and dense structure.

Over the years, people have learned to clean wheat grains from their shells, and turn only their kernels into flour. After the dishes were baked, they began to turn out appetizing and as airy as possible, with a light color.

This type of flour received the name «higher». But after such grinding, the flour retained most of its useful qualities. After all, all valuable trace elements and vitamins are located in the shell.

In this regard, people who prefer a healthy lifestyle choose whole grain flour, which is similar in properties to the previous one.

Varieties of flour


Flour production is carried out from soft types.

In some cases, approximately 20% of hard rock varieties can be added to it. The division into varieties is made depending on such criteria as ash content and percentage of gluten, indicators of the amount of grinding.

The most expensive is the extra variety. Next come «higher» and grits, after 1 and 2. In the last place is wallpaper flour. The «highest» and «extra» grades are the most airy. At the same time, they are completely useless for health. Suitable for baking such dishes as rolls with biscuits, cakes and cupcakes. In addition, it can be used to make gravies and sauces thicker.

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The color of the flour can be creamy or white. The grit differs from the previous types in its granularity. It is perfect for making yeast dough or buns, as well as cakes and other similar things. But it cannot be used for a non-baked type of dough.

This is due to its poor rise and rapid hardening of the pastry. In the flour of the 1st grade, there are particles of the shell, but at the same time, its grinding is fine. For non-flour pancakes or pies and other similar dishes, this is the best flour option. In color, it is cream or yellowish, grayish. 2 types of flour are suitable for gingerbread or bread. This variety is quite useful, since the content of the shell in it is approximately 10%.

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